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360 Engage, Sept. 2020 - On Demand

Leading the Way for ESG and Sustainability Reporting

The event focused on investor sustainability reporting requirements, and how to address them through tools and frameworks such as CDP, SASB, etc. All of the presentations are available to play on demand below.

Program agenda

Day 1

How investors are driving ESG  
Learn about ESG expectations from an investor perspective and how increasing demands for transparency effect investor decisions.

Laura Hillis,  Investor Group on Climate Change (IGCC)

ESG Metrics and reporting 
The importance of high quality, consistent sustainability data internally and externally for investors including frameworks. How this data is used my investors for decision making and what they are looking for.

Chris Cattermole, UL

Time for a materiality reassessment? 
Zeroing in on metrics that matter to investors. This session will look at today’s hot-button ESG issues through SASB’s financial materiality lens. You will learn how companies set strategy, manage risk and communicate with investors based on industry-specific ESG factors, and how SASB fits alongside GRI, TCFD and the SDGs as building blocks in a global system of ESG disclosure.

Neil Stewart, SASB

Why Building Data Matters
ESG Measures and Metrics for Institutional Investors

Dan Winters, GRESB and Chris Ashworth, UL

Product Roadmap for 360 software
Clayton Sanderson, UL

Day 2

ESG reporting in supply chains

Chris Cattermole, UL

Carbon reporting  - Scope 3        

Hugo Ernest-Jones, CDP and Adrian Wain, UL

Sustainable procurement and supply chain management


The supplier experience

Gain insights from a supplier deep in the supply chain.

GPA Global have been working with UL over the years to measure and manage their carbon footprint and better respond to the CDP supply chain survey.

Robin Argyrou, GPA Global and Adrian Wain, UL

Client 360 user success story
Sheida Palmelind, Nordea Bank

Avoid rainbow washing

Catherine Sheehy, UL

Session recordings

Day 1

Day 2

Guest Speakers
  • T.S Wu – ASUS
  • Hugo Ernest-Jones – CDP
  • Neil Stewart – SASB
  • Dan Winters – GRESB
  • Laura Hillis – IGCC
  • Sheida Palmelind – Nordea Bank
  • Robin Argyrou – GPA Global

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